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Industry news
12-10-2020  |  329x
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Smart working is paramount at Dinnissen

A few years ago, all processes at Dinnissens were critically examined. The result? Use the principle of smart working as a connecting factor between different disciplines.

Because of the integration between engineering and production and electro, all departments are on the same page. That not only saves mistakes, but also time. We can now spend that time on further quality improvement, innovation and shorter lead times.

The motto? “We`ll do even better tomorrow than today”, says Operations Director Wouter Kuijpers.

Smart working is a development that never stands still.

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Dinnissen makes a difference with smart designs Specialized in processing solids in large quantities.
Dinnissen makes a difference with smart designs
Specialized in processing solids in large quantities. Every day we hold a product in our hands that was manufactured with the help of Dinnissen systems: from chocolate sprinkles to baby formula, from dog food to potato starch. The innovative company from Sevenum has been around for seventy years and is still going strong. In fact, the expansion of the factory will be completed later this year, with an emphasis on customization and innovation. Processing solids in large quantities With customers in the dairy, food, chemical, pet food and feed sectors, Dinnissen develops, produces and tests virtually every product in-house. The various systems are then installed on site at customers’ production plants all over the world. When looking at the top ten companies in all segments - the leaders in the dairy, food, chemicals, pet food and feed industries - they all use Dinnissen technology. What is the main strength of the company? Commercial technical director Frans Bakker: “We have a customer-specific and customized approach.
08-10-2020  |  324x  |  Industry news  |   | 
Dinnissen presents new innovation: Bag-in-box
Dinnissen presents new innovation: Bag-in-box
Production lines become even more efficient with the new bag-in-box solution from system integrator Dinnissen Process Technology. This innovation makes it possible to place bags in boxes automatically, and to pack, label and transport these boxes fully automated. With this addition, Dinnissen can automate its customers` production processes one step further. What does the bag-in-box solution do? Dinnissen`s bag-in-box solution adds one final process step to the production process of powders, granules or granules. Bags and big-bags (FIBC) have already been automatically filled and sealed, but can now also be packed in boxes, as compactly as possible. The bag-in-box solution vibrates sealed bags flat, transports them via a conveyor belt to a funnel, after which the bags are automatically placed in boxes. If desired, the boxes are then labeled fully automatically. With the bag-in-box solution, producers can compactly pack up to 60 bags per hour into boxes. Over 70 years
13-05-2020  |  903x  |  Product news  |   | 
New ATEX certification for Pegasus® Mixers
New ATEX certification for Pegasus® Mixers
Dinnissen has received a new ATEX certification for their batch mixers, continuous mixers and vacuum coaters. Thanks to these ATEX zone 20 (internal) type approvals, Dinnissen`s Pegasus® mixers comply with the latest European regulations and the strict requirements of the market. What are ATEX certifications? Companies that work in environments with gas and/or dust explosion hazards must work in accordance with protocols and requirements that guarantee the safety and health of employees. The European ATEX guidelines, acronym for atmosphere and explosible (French), have been drawn up for this purpose, and legally require manufacturers to indicate where explosive substances are present by means of ATEX zones. These zones must be included in an explosion protection document. The ATEX guidelines describe the standards with which equipment and products must comply in environments with explosion risks. ATEX zone 20 type approval for batch, continuous and vacuum mixers The
09-04-2020  |  961x  |  Product news  | 
Mechanical conveying, an effective option for materials that are difficult to convey and pose a risk of explosion
Mechanical conveying, an effective option for
materials that are difficult to convey and pose a risk of explosion Screw conveying is based on a screw that turns around to convey products through a system of pipes. Dinnissen supplies systems with single or double screws and even concave screws (i.e. 2 to 4 screws that overlap) that allow you to convey products that are viscous or sticky or cake easily, such as cheese spread, filter cakes and wood chips. We supply screw conveying systems suitable for conveying tiny quantities to very large quantities per hour. For environments subject to rigorous hygienic requirements, Dinnissen supplies special systems fitted with screws that can be easily removed or with shaft-free screws, which can be cleaned quickly and easily. A screw conveying system with a low loading factor is extremely well-suited for conveying fragile products. Conveyor belt systems offer the advantage that they convey products without shaking them. This makes them suitable for conveying ingredients that are fragile or sticky or pose an explosion risk. The conveyor
13-09-2019  |  1391x  |  Product news  | 
Feeder valve dosing unit
Feeder valve dosing unit
13-09-2019  |  1470x  |  Product news  | 
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