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News items February 2020

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Accurate weighing on board fishing vessels. Dynamic compensated weighing.
Accurate weighing on board fishing vessels.
Dynamic compensated weighing. Quite a few challenges had to be tackled, but here too it’s dogged does it. In good cooperation with Vcu tcd b.V. (Vissers Coöperatie Urk) PENKO succeeded in developing systems that make precise weighing possible, even on the high seas. This means that, despite the continuous movements of the ship, the weight of the fish per crate is accurately determined. These movements not only make the weigher going up and down, so alternately undergoing accelerations and decelerations, but the weigher also inclines around two axes simultaneously. Not only this combination of factors automatically is compensated, the system also adapts to any differences in gravity. After all, when things are going well, ships are continuously on the move. The application on board consists of filling crates with the caught fish for sales. The system is sufficiently accurate to perform this operation in accordance with the legal requirements, what makes checking at the fish auction superfluous. This
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New agent TBMA in Germany
New agent TBMA in Germany
TBMA Europe BV has found the perfect partner in André Junker Industrievertretungen as representation in the Northern German market. André Junker is the third generation in his family active in the German bulk solids industry. He has already earned his spurs in this industry and within his company there is more than 30 years of experience with the application and delivery of rotary valves and diverter valves. Bart Houben, Managing Director of TBMA Europe: “TBMA has been active in Germany for quite a while, but we realized that in order to grow we need a partner that knows and can proactively develop the market.” “We are very happy with this collaboration and are ready to boost the TBMA products on the German market. TBMA has been supplying high-end rotary drop-through and blow-through valves for more than 50 years and also has an interesting range of diverter valves. In addition, at TBMA there is a lot of technical knowledge and process know-how that we can use to
20-02-2020  |  1229x  |  Industry news  | 
E & R B.V. 40 years of partnership with Netzsch and Winkworth
E & R B.V. 40 years of partnership with Netzsch and Winkworth
In 2020, E & R B.V. Vlaardingen will celebrate together with its partners from the first hour, the Netzsch Grinding & Dispersing Group from Selb (D) and the company Winkworth Mixers from Basingstoke (UK) 40 years of partnership in the Benelux. A milestone for E & R and both partners for which E & R has been the exclusive agency in the Benelux since 1980. Over the years, the programs of both Netzsch and Winkworth grew strongly, due to acquisitions, specialization and program expansion. Etienne Esseveld, director-owner of E & R: "We are proud and grateful for what we have achieved in the Benelux as an independent family business together with our foreign partners". Hundreds of mixing, dispersing, grinding, and kneading machines have been delivered and installed in the last 40 years, and the successful collaboration with our customers gives us a lot of energy and satisfaction”. In the course of 2020 E & R B.V. will celebrate this 40-years of partnership through various
19-02-2020  |  1169x  |  Industry news  | 
CASE:Continuous mass flow measurement plastic granules production
CASE:Continuous mass flow measurement plastic granules production
The production process of plastic granulate starts with transporting the raw material to an extruder. In the extruder, the raw material is mixed with various additives, making the end product usable for various types of applications. After the extruder, the granulate is sieved so that a homogeneous granulate is created, after which it is put into a silo via a screw conveyor. The goal of the customer was to continuously gain insight into how much plastic granulate is being moved in order to determine how many of the additives must be added. Process data - Customer: Manufacturer of plastic granulate (Germany) - Material: Plastic granulate with various additives - Quantity: 150 – 750 kg - Conveying element: Double flange slide after silo - Installation: In free fall, approx. 500 mm after a double flange slide - Pipe diameter: DN 80 Solution The SolidFlow 2.0 was used to monitor and measure the quantities of plastic granulate. This sensor continuously measures
17-02-2020  |  1120x  |  Product news  | 
"We will definitely be purchasing the next baling press from HSM"
The family company P.U.H. Kondzłomex Szymon Woźny has been collecting and recycling secondary raw materials such as waste paper and foil for over 20 years. Right from the start they used HSM baling presses. The fully automatic channel baling press installed in 2013 was no longer able to cope with the increasing throughput and a bigger solution was needed. After intensive research they once again struck lucky with HSM and the HSM VK 6015 has now been in service for some time, and with good results, in Jaraczewo in the municipality of Szydłowo, a village in the north-west of Poland. The owner-run company currently has five employees, all of whom are in no doubt about the quality of the German machines. P.U.H. Kondzłomex first came into contact with the baling press manufacturer HSM when it began operating in 1995 and it purchased a second-hand HSM vertical baling press in very good condition. In the years that followed the company continued to grow
14-02-2020  |  1085x  |  Industry news  | 
Cleaned up: JEL Fix becomes JEL Fix II
Cleaned up: JEL Fix becomes JEL Fix II
Ludwigshafen, January 2020: The JEL Fix round screen is now available in a new variant which is not only more hygienic, but also convinces with better usability. The popular JEL Fix round screen is predominantly used as a protective screen for the separation of coarse fractions. Thanks to its slim and compact design, the new vibration screening machine easily finds space even in cramped production halls and can be integrated directly into a system without the base frame if required. In order to meet the growing demand for high-quality and hygienic screening solutions, Engelsmann now offers the new JEL Fix II, which convinces with easier cleaning and complies with the usual hygienic design criteria. Avoiding surfaces where product may accumulate and dead spaces, as well as easy accessibility of all parts for cleaning purposes, was the top priority in the redesign of the screening machine. In order to meet this requirement, the oscillating frame of the JEL Fix II is
13-02-2020  |  1213x  |  Product news  | 
Van Gink Trading BV launches its new profiled belt scraper. Chevron belt scraper
Van Gink Trading BV launches its new profiled belt scraper.
Chevron belt scraper Van Gink Trading BV launches its new profiled belt scraper. The tricky thing about chevron conveyor belts is that they are very difficult to clean. Especially with sticky material scraping is necessary. Where rotating brushes quickly fill up And this newly developed scraper is a good solution for rapid wear. The robust profile belt scraper has a frame made of electrolytically galvanized steel. It is mounted perpendicular to the conveyor belt, preferably just behind the drive drum. The scraper units of 150 mm wide are provided with 10 mm thick, wear-resistant finger blades made of Githan polyurethane. Easy to assemble and quickly exchangeable. Available in bandwidth 500 mm up to and including 1,600 mm. You can always contact us for a free quote.
13-02-2020  |  1107x  |  Product news  | 
Temperature Control „intelligent“ electronic temperature controller
Temperature Control
„intelligent“ electronic temperature controller Intelligent, proportional and energy saving temperature control solutions - that is our topic today. Find out more about how huikeshoven and partner eltherm can support you in your projects. Intelligent adaptation to ambient temperature for energy savings. The ELTC-14P/-24P is eltherm‘s „intelligent“ electronic temperature controller range which proportionally adapts to the ambient temperature and reacts proportionally to it, rather than just switching on/off: The higher the ambient temperature, the less energy is supplied to the heating circuit. This can achieve energy savings of up to 75%, especially in large, complex plants and with varying degrees of winter cold. It also enhances greater temperature stability in the pipes. Technical Advantages: •Intelligent, proportional adaptation to ambient temperatures •Efficiency and energy saving (up to 75%)
07-02-2020  |  1036x  |  Product news  |   | 
Bar any confined space opening to increase safety
Bar any confined space opening to increase safety
Increase safety for almost any confined space by completely covering its opening with a physical barrier andsafety message. 8 types of Confined Space Safety Covers are now available from Brady Corporation. Increase confined space safety Confined spaces can be difficult to get out in a hurry. This makes them an increased safety risk. Rights to enter a confined space are usually very limited and part of a larger safety procedure to avoid accidents. With Brady`s new Confined Space Safety Covers, openings to almost any confined space can be covered completely with a physical barrier to deter entrance. A warning message is added to warn coworkers for the safety risks involved. Easy to use 8 types of Confined Space Safety Covers enable barring almost any confined space opening. Options include lockable or unlockable, elastic, magnetic or velcro fit, and a solid or ventilated design. They are much easier to apply than typically used warning tape, and they can easily be
07-02-2020  |  1267x  |  Product news  | 
Rotary valves for aquafeed industry Handle with care
Rotary valves for aquafeed industry
Handle with care A fine collection of 16 rotary valves is ready for shipment to JT electric in the Faroe Islands. This well-known supplier for marine equipment is based in the heart of the harsh and demanding environment of the North Atlantic. They take advantage of this unique situation to make some of the world’s best products for the aquaculture industry. When designing their custom made feeding barges for fish farming, JT electric use TBMA rotary valves for the dosing and transport of the fish food. With the increasing growth of saltwater fish farms, the demand for automatic feeding systems is also increasing. The fragile expensive high-quality feed must end up in the water undamaged. Every single pellet must be handled gently to avoid breakage and crumbling. Therefore, the Tbma hgrd200 blow-through valves are equipped with an adapted rotor, ensuring that the product is transported and dosed with minimal damage. The valves give high value for money and are of a robust and reliable
03-02-2020  |  1230x  |  Product news  | 
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