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10-08-2017  |  2207x
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Donít pick up a hammer...pick up the phone
Donít pick up a hammer...pick up the phone

Understanding and preventing bulk solids handling problems

Short courses for the bulk materials handling industry

Take time this winter to update or expand your knowledge by attending one of our bulk materials handling training courses. Designed to help delegates understand why problems occur by using real life examples, these courses are used throughout industry to train staff to make their plant more efficient and cost effective.

Many bulk materials handling companies send new recruits on these courses to give them a good grounding in the various topics involved in their everyday work.

You are welcome to join us at one of the next courses in Chatham, Kent:
* 24 - 26 October: Overview of Particulate Handling Technology
An introduction to storing and handling bulk materials, equipment selection and design methodologies for safe and reliable plant. There is also an optional practical session in the on-site laboratories for those wishing to put the theory into practice.

* 14 - 16 November: Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials

This course covers the components of pneumatic conveying systems, system selection and design techniques. Again, an optional day in the laboratories is offered for those wishing to take part.
* 5 - 6 December: Pneumatic Conveying System Design
An in-depth exploration of detailed calculations for design of pneumatic pipelines and specifying associated plant.
* 7 December:Rotary Valves: Design, Selection and Operational Issues
Review the variety of valves available to fit the chosen system and how to choose and specify the features required for a given application.

Course fees are £490 per delegate for one day / £765 per delegate for 2 days / £1185 per delegate for 3 days. Discounts are available for multiple attendances Ė please see website for details.

In-Company courses:
All of these courses can also be delivered at your place of work on a date to suit you. Course fees start from £205 per person per day.

For our full range of courses please visit our website


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