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01-04-2020 - 02-04-2020
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Type: Trade show
Duration: 2 days
Starts: 01-04-2020
Ends: 02-04-2020
Place: Dortmund

Entry: Free (after registering)
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Trade show SOLIDS Dortmund


Trade show

SOLIDS Dortmund 2020 | 01. & 02. April
10th trade show for granules, powder and bulk solids technologies
National and international exhibitors present their technologies and solutions for the processing, handling, storage, transport and analysis of powders, granules and bulk solids. Our trade visitors are top decision-makers and buyers searching for specific solutions, and come from processing industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, stone and earth extraction, food and feed, metal, glass and recycling.

At the same time, the 6th RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund – Trade show for recycling technologies – will take place.

Become part of the business platform in the heart of the industry.

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Dinnissen BVREMBE® GmbH Safety + Control
SPS | Solids Process SolutionsTBMA Europe BV | TBMA België BvbA

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Vortex Roller Gates Offer Long Life Handling Grain
In 1996, Vortex worked with Alltech, an animal health company, to assist with the handling of grain at their facility. Application: The client’s specifications include: •Quantity: 2 Vortex Roller Gates •Gate Size: 660 mm opening •Blade & seal retainers constructed from 304 stainless steel •Contact areas constructed from 304 stainless steel & polymer Results: Since their installation in 1996, these Vortex Roller Gates have required very limited maintenance other than the replacement of a set of bonnet seals on one of the gates. “After 24 years of service, we needed to pull one of the gates as it began leaking around the seal,” said Robert Stuart, Maintenance & Facilities Manager at Alltech. “After dismantling the valve, we were awestruck on how well it looked and held up over the past 24 years as our products are abrasive and have severely worn down many other pieces of equipment over the years.” The Vortex Roller Gate is designed with several replaceable parts, including
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New agent TBMA in Germany
New agent TBMA in Germany
TBMA Europe BV has found the perfect partner in André Junker Industrievertretungen as representation in the Northern German market. André Junker is the third generation in his family active in the German bulk solids industry. He has already earned his spurs in this industry and within his company there is more than 30 years of experience with the application and delivery of rotary valves and diverter valves. Bart Houben, Managing Director of TBMA Europe: “TBMA has been active in Germany for quite a while, but we realized that in order to grow we need a partner that knows and can proactively develop the market.” “We are very happy with this collaboration and are ready to boost the TBMA products on the German market. TBMA has been supplying high-end rotary drop-through and blow-through valves for more than 50 years and also has an interesting range of diverter valves. In addition, at TBMA there is a lot of technical knowledge and process know-how that we can use to
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