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21-10-2020 - 22-10-2020
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Type: Trade show
Duration: 2 days
Starts: 21-10-2020
Ends: 22-10-2020
Place: Antwerpen

Entry: Free (after registering)

Solids 2020

Trade show

Solids is indisputably the top annual event and networking opportunity for powder and bulk solids professionals in the Benelux.

On the 21st and 22nd of October 2020, experts in solids processing, handling, storage and transport will gather in Antwerp to do business.

Solids Antwerp is an exclusive trade event for granules, powder and bulk material technologies.

Become an exhibitor

Solids Rotterdam offers a unique platform to present your products and services. You meet end users from various industries here. Interested in participating? Feel free to contact Marita Marcelis.

Event organizer


Adinex nvAerzen Nederland BV Aleha Powder Equipment bvbaArodo BvbaATHEX Industrial SuppliersAusloos Verpakkingstechniek bvbaAuteQAZO NVBOS NederlandBSH bv- Bulk & Solids HandlingDinnissen BVDMN-WESTINGHOUSEE & R B.V. Eskens Process Solutions B.V.Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren BV
Foeth b.v.Gardner Denver Nederland BVGoudsmit Magnetic Systems B.V.Hethon Nederland BVIndus Integrated Bulk Logistics BVJ-Tec Material HandlingJ. Engelsmann AGKEMP BVLampe GroupLeBlansch Bulkhandling Equipment B.V.Lutze Conveying BeLux BVBAM.I.P. nvMATEC massagoed techniekMaxpac bvbaMoistTech Corp.
Muller Beltex B.V.Munters Belgium nvN.M. Heilig B.V.Poeth BVPolem BVProces MediaRice Lake Weighing Systems Europe B.V. (Master Engineering)StuvEx International nvSymach BVTallpack InternationalTBMA Europe BV | TBMA België BvbATyphoon NVVlintVortexWAM BHM nv

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Superfast big-bag filling installation 180 big-bags/hour filling speed
Superfast big-bag filling installation
180 big-bags/hour filling speed Concetti has launched an automatic bulk bag (FIBC) weighing, filling and closing system designed to be operated by only one person. The new net weighing and filling station for single loop bulk bags can fill up to 180/BB per hour, ensuring a high productivity combined with increased flexibility. This system is designed to provide enhanced automation of a traditionally manual process that normally needs three workers, reducing costs and ensuring greater safety at work. With this innovative new design manufactured by Concetti, the machine operator should only place bags onto the filling spout, while all subsequent steps such as bag inflation, alignment of the filling neck after filling, transfer to the sealing station, heat sealing of the filling neck, lifting of the single bulk bag hook and automatic insertion of the sealed neck of the internal liner inside the bulk bag are all carried out automatically within the system. The full bags will then be removed by the fork
30-06-2020  |  110x  |  Product news  |   | 
Gravity vee diverter handling trona ore
Gravity vee diverter handling trona ore
In this application, Trona Ore is routed through various processes where it becomes soda ash and baking soda. Titan Gravity Vee Diverter features a dual cylinder design where pneumatic cylinders are located on either side of the outlet instead of one cylinder at the end of the gate. This design shortens the gate’s overall length, allowing for easier installation in tight quarters. Each gate is independently actuated, providing added flexibility to the operation. Both gates can be closed. One gate can be open while the other is closed. Both gates can be open to allow flow to both destinations simultaneously. Wetted parts are constructed of abrasion resistant steel (400 BHN) to address material wear.
16-06-2020  |  189x  |  Product news  |   | 
Project Lubrizol
Project Lubrizol
M.I.P. is proud to have delivered 2 composite silos of 92m³ and Ø 2.800mm for Lubrizol Advanced Materials Resin at Chemiepark Delfzijl. The silos have a height of over 22 meter. Multiple conversations took place in advance with the customer to commonly determine what the silos should look like. Now that they have both been placed, equipped with many accessories, they have become 2 splendid industrial silos.
16-06-2020  |  236x  |  Industry news  | 
Vortex roller gate provides solution for uk flour miller
Vortex roller gate provides solution for uk flour miller
A flour miller in the United Kingdom had experienced problems with its existing valves located on the outlet of their bulk storage silos. The valves, used to isolate the silos from an ongoing conveyor, leaked material and failed to fully open and close. They required constant maintenance and replacement parts with subsequent lost production. The new valves had to be specifically designed to match the opening, bolt hole pattern, and overall height of the existing valves to minimize plant downtime during installation. Vortex was able to achieve all of the required parameters. The Vortex Roller Gate was identified as the ideal solution for this application. The Roller Gate is designed for handling powders, pellets and granules in gravity flow and low-pressure applications. Features: The Vortex Roller Gate has a number of key features and benefits including: •Positive seal of dust and fine powders. •No exposed moving parts. •Wear-compensating hard polymer seals. •Seals
13-05-2020  |  246x  |  Product news  |   | 
Lödige ploughshare® mixers with ATEX certifiation Lödige produces mixers for all possible mixing tasks
Lödige ploughshare® mixers with ATEX certifiation
Lödige produces mixers for all possible mixing tasks The German machine builder Lödige has been building horizontal ploughshare® mixers for batch or continuous processes for many years. These mixers are built according to the needs of the customer and are therefore always unique. The Lödige ploughshare® mixers can be used in very clean environments or for heavy industrial applications. They can be adapted for processes under high pressure or under vacuum. For all these applications, Lödige can build a mixers with an ATEX certification so that - in accordance with European legislation - these machines can be used in an environment with a gas and / or dust explosion hazard. Once the customer (end-user of the machine) has determined in which ATEX zone the ploughshare®mixer will be used, and what ATEX-zone is needed inside the mixer, the Lödige engineers will design and build an ATEX-compliant mixer. Lödige builds batch mixers from 5 to 30,000 liters, and recently even supplied a continuous mixer with a drum of 57,000 liters
28-04-2020  |  342x  |  Industry news  | 
Roller gates and seal tite diverters handling coffee beans Handling Coffee Beans, Green and Roasted
Roller gates and seal tite diverters handling coffee beans
Handling Coffee Beans, Green and Roasted Handling: Coffee Beans, Green and Roasted Location: Coffee Supplier & Distributor Application: Roller Gates and Three-Way Seal Tite Diverters were implemented in a conveying system to support the movement of green and roasted coffee beans. Features: The customer is currently only using the middle outlet of the Seal Tite Diverters. The two outside legs are blanked off for future expansion if necessary. The Roller Gates feature Infinite Variable Positioners (IVPs) to allow material flow control capabilities on both the opening and closing strokes. IVPs are highly accurate. When automated, the IVP can actuate in increments of +/- 2%. When manually controlled, the IVP can actuate in increments of +/- 4%. Both products are serviceable while in-line allowing for ease of maintenance and minimal downtime.
15-04-2020  |  380x  |  Product news  |   | 
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