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Latest update: 17-06-2019
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Groot Overeem 7
3927 GH   Renswoude
Ms. C. Meijer
Mr. B. Kelderman
Managing Director
There is now a permanent solution to prevent mistracking in conveyor belt systems: CenTrax.
The CenTrax multi roller belt tracker corrects mistracking of conveyor belts, both in the load carrying strand and the return strand. CenTrax ensures that even under the most extreme conditions, the belt remains on the right track, regardless of the direction of rotation. Your belt back on track.

Product descriptions

CenTrax keeps ArcelorMittal conveyor belt on the right track
CenTrax keeps ArcelorMittal conveyor belt on the right track
At its location in Ghent, ArcelorMittal Belgium was experiencing severe misalignment problems with their 225 conveyor belts, which have a total length of 58 kilometres. The damage caused to the conveyor, its structure and unplanned downtime resulted in high costs, loss of production and consequential losses. Tim Vertriest, reliability engineer at ArcelorMittal Ghent, decided to find a solution: The CenTrax tracking system came out best in our comparison search, and has proved to be a lasting solution. A trouble-free conveyor belt is crucial for a company such as ArcelorMittal. The Raw Materials, Port, Transport and Recycling divisions of the worlds largest steel producer processes almost 10 million tonnes of raw materials annually. This particular logistics branch deals with unloading seagoing vessels and the careful separation and storage of delivered raw materials to so-called raw material storage areas. Harbour cranes and stacker- and reclaimer installations are
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CenTrax belt tracker for RWE Eemshaven power plant
CenTrax belt tracker for RWE Eemshaven power plant
RWE Generation's Eemshaven power plant is the largest coal and biomass power plant in the Netherlands. Covered conveyor belts ensure dust-free transport of the coal from ships to the power plant or the storage yard. This process was always accompanied by jerks and jolts due to frequent belt mistracking. The constant downtime of the conveyor belts caused delays in supply and additional costs. RWE consulted TBK Group, after which it was decided to install our CenTrax tracker rollers for a trial period. Within a month, it was already clear that CenTrax was the solution to their mistracking problem. Gert-Jan Arkema, Maintenance Engineer Bulk Handling at RWE Generation Eemshaven, explains We use several conveyor belts at our power plant. We use a hopper to transfer the coal from one conveyor to another, but coal from the US and Russia is often damp, which means it sticks to the walls of the hopper. As a result, the load is then skewed when it reaches the conveyor belt,
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