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Latest update: 16-08-2019
ATHEX Industrial Suppliers
TEL: +32 (0)3 653 21 82
Vierselbaan 40 unit 10
B-2240   Zandhoven
TEL: +31 (0)10 282 1238
Rotterdam City Centre, Weena 290
NL-3012 NJ   Rotterdam
+32 (0)3 653 21 82
Mr. Eddy Van Tichelen
General Manager
+32 (0)3 653 21 82
Mr. Ben Van Tichelen
+32 (0)3 653 21 82
Mr. Brent Meylemans
ATHEX Industrial Suppliers offers a wide range of products and services aimed at both industrial as hazardous (ATEX) environments.

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers is a versatile company, with a fixed value in the industry. Anyone can appeal to our values-driven way of doing business so that we can strive for a strong trust with our customers.

By constantly thinking along with the customer, and by feedback from the different sectors in which we operate, we design tailor-made solutions. Through customized advice, tips, and by providing qualitative information we want to do more than the normal servicing of the customer.

We deliver solutions in following product areas:
Grounding materials & antistatic equipment
Elimination of static electricity by electrostatic earthing & ionization

Mechanical safety devices for tank farms: breathing valves, flame arresters,...

Industrial heating
Electrical industrial (ATEX) heating
Industrial burners, sensors, and controllers

Explosion safe & industrial materials
Industrial/ATEX (LED lighting, Exd/Exe boxes, installation materials,...
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Solutions Static Electricity
 Newson Gale - The most comprehensive product package in hazardous area static control.
 Fraser Anti-Static - Ionising equipment to neutralise static electricity on non-conductive parts
 Durag Group - Intelligent solutions in the fields of combustion technology, environmental monitoring, data management and tunnel sensors
Safety - Fire and explosion prevention - Earthing - Earth check of lorries
Safety - Fire and explosion prevention - Earthing - Earth check at packaging
Safety - Fire and explosion prevention - Earthing - Earthing, general
Safety - Safety regulations - ATEX

Product news

3024 Compact Neutralising Bar Shortest neutralising bar in the world
3024 Compact Neutralising Bar
Shortest neutralising bar in the world The 3024 Compact is the only available neutralising bar in the world that is so powerful and compact (June 2019), with built-in electronics. The very compact ionising bar delivers up to 7.5 kV in the bar and is ideal for the neutralizing of fast-moving materials at speeds up to 1300 m / min. The small dimensions make the neutralising bar suitable for many industrial processes where space is very limited, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries.
04-07-2019  |  840x  | 
SMC Surface Mount Connector For Protection Static Electricity
SMC Surface Mount Connector
For Protection Static Electricity The problem of static electricity in hazardous atmospheres is ever present in many sectors of the processing industries. Effective grounding and bonding procedures are always the first step in controlling static, with special techniques being called for to suit individual applications. The Two Pole Surface Mount Connector (SMC) from Newson Gale provides a simple and reliable means of making a monitored earth connection onto an item of conductive plant. The SMC is manufactured from stainless steel and can provide an IP66 connection onto the item of plant. The conical shape design prevents powder deposit build up over time and aids in clean down operations. The ‘plug and play’ connector can interface with all Newson Gale 2 core systems to earth monitoring capability on a wide range of mobile processes, such as pump carts, sieves and fixed equipment where generic earthing clamps cannot be used. The SMC is bolted to the item of plant that is required to be earthed and
07-06-2019  |  739x  | 
Roto-Clean 4900 Cleaning and static neutralisation
Roto-Clean 4900
Cleaning and static neutralisation ATHEX Industrial Suppliers launches an advanced product of Fraser Anti-Static Techniques to clean and neutralise static electricity. The Roto-Clean 4900 blasts pulsating ionized air from single or multiple heads to clean a product and remove static that could attract further dust. The device consists of a dual rotary nozzle driven by a patented centrifugal control integrated into a circular static eliminator. The combination of powerful, pulsating air and static elimination gives Roto-Clean an advantage over alternative products. It will set new cleaning standards in environments that require strict quality control, or when products move on to secondary processes such as labelling or decoration where they must be dust free. The device uses less air delivered at a lower pressure than airknives, delivered at a greater intensity of ions per cubic centimetre. An air bar revolves at 60 revolutions per second using a patented centrifugal control powered solely by
05-12-2018  |  910x  |   | 
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