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Latest update: 19-10-2015
Poeth BV
TEL: +31 77 373 19 41
FAX: +31 77 373 71 37
Tichlouwstraat 5
NL-5932 AA   Tegelen
Poeth is one of the leading companies for engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of complete bulkstorage and bulkhandling-installations in The Netherlands.
Many projects are contracted on a turnkey basis for design, engineering, production, supply and commissioning of the complete mechanical and occassionally, electrical installation.
Design, engineering, manufacturing, mounting and commissioning of installations for: Flour-mills, Breweries, Malthouses, etc
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Industry news

Poeth Z / C-Conveyor ideal for circular processes Recycling industrie
Poeth Z / C-Conveyor ideal for circular processes
Recycling industrie Poeth recently delivered various projects for Plastic Recycling. In many cases, a Z-Conveyor as well as C-Conveyor was chosen as between transport. The big advantage of this setup: - no unnecessary dust development (angel hair) - very low noise emission compared to air transport - very low energy consumption (approx. 1.75 kW, 8 tons / hour, 6 m height, 2 horizontal - less other costs for control / cabling. - virtually no product contamination - low investment costs - virtually no maintenance costs The machine is well suited for use in circular processes, and is also suitable for powdered products, even for very fine products such as Carbon Black, or very aqueous milk powders such as finely ground soy. In terms of Atex, no additional provisions are necessary, due to, among other things, a low speed of carbon black - food recycling (bread, potato chips, carrot granulate etc) - circuit boards recycling - metal powders from residual flows Two test setups are ready at
09-07-2020  |  442x  | 
Poeth air supported  conveyor belt for Vitelia 276 mtr, 200 ton / hour 15 kW and 2 fans of 1.1. kW
Poeth air supported conveyor belt for Vitelia
276 mtr, 200 ton / hour 15 kW and 2 fans of 1.1. kW The floating conveyor belt, also known as AirConveyor or air supported conveyor belt or Airbelt, consists of a gutter with a few small holes and small specially designed fans. By constantly supplying the right amount of air, Poeth creates a powerful air film just below the conveyor belt within its new conveyor system. This powerful air film makes it possible to keep the conveyor belt, including bulk goods, floating. Only a single conveyor roller at the drive, tensioning and turning station is required to move the conveyor. Poeth`s new AirConveyor eliminates 95% of all rotating elements compared to traditional belt transport systems. As a result, Poeth`s AirConveyor has much less friction. This makes the airborne transport system 40% more energy efficient and, moreover, quiet
17-06-2020  |  589x  | 

Product news

Poeth Big-Bag Compactor Dust-free disposal of empty big bags
Poeth Big-Bag Compactor
Dust-free disposal of empty big bags Big-bags are increasingly being used in the processing of raw materials. After big-bags are emptied, they are often folded. Unnecessary dust is created during folding. This substance emission is avoided by means of a big-bag compactor with an integrated compressed air-cleaned filter. Moreover, the space in the compactor is so large that the big-bag fits neatly in without folding. The extraction system naturally keeps everything neatly under reduced pressure. The amount of waste is reduced to a minimum amount. The empty Big-Bags are packed dust-tight at the end in an endless foil. The integrated filter is suitable for very different powders (from very fine to very sticky). A secondary HEPA filter can be placed behind the filter. The unit is equipped, whether or not mobile, with its own control / control box. A traditional bag compactor is often used to compact empty big bags, but these often get stuck. Big bags are much stiffer than empty bags. The Poeth Big-Bag compactor,
13-12-2019  |  963x  | 
Poeth Easy clean screw conveyor extractable
Poeth Easy clean screw conveyor
extractable In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in demand for easily cleanable screw conveyor systems. When different powders are treated with a strong smell or taste, cleanability is very important. Powders such as ”cinnamon, noodle nutmeg” Possible options are: - retractable + pivotable screws - trough screws with hinged lids at the top - compressed air purge with shared sealing rings for easy disassembly - wet cleanable screws, where even water flushing
16-02-2019  |  1955x  | 
Poeth high-frequency sieve with automatic sieve cleaning Plastic recycling
Poeth high-frequency sieve with automatic sieve cleaning
Plastic recycling The high-frequency sieve was already frequently used for sieving dust and grit in feed and pet food applications. The desire was to be able to change a sieve deck quickly (<30 sec), but above all to be able to realize a higher sieve effeciency. The machine is then further developed and is now used for plastic recycling, for example, where the machine is placed just before the color sorter. Dust is disastrous for the lenses in a color sorter and so sieve must be sieved thoroughly. The unique thing about this system is that the screen deck can be automatically tensioned and relaxed. It looks like an elastic that attracts you, and causes a larger amplitude when tensioning / relaxing. wedge-shaped flakes, which get stuck in the screen deck, are fired from the deck. Closing the deck is therefore almost impossible. The machine vibrates high-frequency and provides higher sieving efficiency than conventional vibrating sifting machines. This is possible because only
13-07-2018  |  2279x  | 

Product descriptions

Poeth Z-Beltconveyor / inclined Belt Conveyor Conveying of sensitive products
Poeth Z-Beltconveyor / inclined Belt Conveyor
Conveying of sensitive products By means of a Z-Beltconveyor, products can be increased to a 75 degree angle depending on product characteristics and capacity. This can e.g. conveying towards a bagging machine or a mixer concerns seeds, flakes, pet food, etc. Advantages of the system: - cost-effective solution compared to alternatives - no separation - no product breakage - no contamination or at least very little. - very low maintenance / robust - affordable spare parts, freely available in the market. - no wear and tear, therefore extremely suitable for wearing products - easy to clean - fully food grade - low energy consumption The system is robust and made up of components that are freely available on the market. It is therefore not necessary to purchase expensive spare parts. The Z-band must be pre-dosed and cannot pull out of a bunker without pre-dosing. Products that can charge statically can be placed in a de-ionizing unit with air cleaning completely residue-free
18-06-2019  |  1088x  | 
40% more energy-efficient and 75% less maintenance Poeth Airbelt Conveyor
40% more energy-efficient and 75% less maintenance
Poeth Airbelt Conveyor Poeth announces the AirConveyor for 40% more energy-efficient and 75% less maintenance when transporting powders and granulates Poeth has designed its new AirConveyor specifically for companies that want to transport powders, pellets and granulates cost-effectively and efficiently. This innovative system offers companies 75% less maintenance costs after approx. 3 years operating time and consumes 40% less energy. The air-supported conveying system from Poeth is suitable for damage-free transportation of bulk goods over short or extremely long distances. The AirConveyor generates low noise emissions and is dust-tight. As a result, the new conveying system from Poeth also has a minimum impact on the environment. Powerful air cushion supports the conveyor belt without the need for rollers Poeth has developed a new and efficient generation conveying systems where the conveyor belt floats on a cushion of air. Poeth's AirConveyor features a perforated channel and
11-05-2019  |  1340x  | 
Poeth Mini Hammermill fully ATEX complient
Poeth Mini Hammermill
fully ATEX complient Poeth builds hammer mills since its foundation in 1921 as a mill builder. In recent years there has also been a growing need for hammer mills for small capacities for grinding various different products; wood, grains, mustard seeds, residual flows from the food, extruded starches, barley etc. Poeth has developed a cost-effective mini hammer mill for these small capacities. Poeth has the know-how to deliver this according to the latest ATEX requirements including all necessary documents. The machine is pressure-proof. Often, details such as shaft seals are not order, however, the Poeth mill is also safe on this type of ATEX details.
10-11-2018  |  2441x  | 
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