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About Solids Processing

Solids Processing is a multi media formula, with magazine (on paper and digital), website and newsletter, aimed at the bulk handling and solids processing industry in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Here you can find up-to-date information on companies and products, as well as background information on the field of powder, bulk and solids handling and processing. With the search function you can find information and companies for every keyword.

Characteristics of Solids Processing

  • aimed at: powder, solids, bulk, pellets, grains, dry matter -- everything that is not fluid, gas or solid.

  • serves "users" of these matters in many branches and industries: plastics, food, feed, pharmaceutical, metal, process, chemical, etc.

  • contains background information on behaviour, design rules, possible bottle necks, etc.

  • lists suppliers of products and services in this field.

At this site you find information on:

  • transport systems, -installations;

  • (explosion) safety systems, measurement and control devices;

  • storage systems: silos, big bags, bags, etc.;

  • unit operations: mixing, blending, grinding, pelletizing, cooling, conditioning, etc.