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Hydronix Ltd
 7 Riverside Business Centre, Walnut Tree Close
GB-GU1 4UG   Guildford
United Kingdom
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Hydronix is the leading manufacturer of digital microwave moisture sensors. Designed for measuring moisture in flowing organic and bulk materials, we have a range of sensors to suit most installations including a high temperature option.

The Hydro-Probe XT is designed to measure in the flow of material from a silo or chute.

The Hydro-Mix XT is a flush mounted sensor for ducting, mixers and screw conveyors.

All sensors can be configured and controlled remotely over a network connection.

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Services - Measurement, analyses - Quality control
Environment - Measurements, Analyses
Process control, instrumentation - Meters, measurement - Moisture meters
Process control, instrumentation - Meters, measurement - Temperature meters

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Hydronix Microwave Moisture Measurement

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