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Beek BV, Van
 Postbus 168
NL-5150 AD   Drunen
Christiaan Huygensweg 20
5151 DN   Drunen
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Mr. Roel Kneepkens, Sales engineer   
Mr. Peter Verhoeven, Sales engineer   
 +31 6 53 28 72 58
Mr. Joram van der Heijden, Sales Engineer   
Mr. Perry Verberne   

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Storage - Silo discharge - Discharge bottoms for silos
Storage - Silo discharge - Screw feeders for silo discharge
Storage - Silo discharge - Rotating screw for silo discharge
Handling - Handling of bulk containers - Filling systems for bulk containers - Mechanic filling of bulk containers
Handling - Handling of big bags - Filling systems for big bags - Mechanic filling of big bags
Handling - Handling of big bags - Discharge systems for big bags - Big bag discharge systems using vibration
Handling - Handling of big bags - Discharge systems for big bags - Big bag discharge systems for difficult flowing products
Handling - Handling of bags, sacks - Emptying of sacks - Sack dumping cabinet
Handling - Handling of bags, sacks - Emptying of sacks - Sack dumping cabinet + venting
Handling - Handling of bags, sacks - Emptying of sacks - Sack dumping cabinet + venting + compactor
Handling - Handling of bags, sacks - Emptying of sacks - Automatic sack discharging
Handling - Handling of bags, sacks - Processing of empty sacks
Conveyors, transport equipment - Screw conveyors - Full blade screw conveyors
Conveyors, transport equipment - Screw conveyors - Paddle conveyors
Conveyors, transport equipment - Screw conveyors - Screw conveyors with progressing pitch
Conveyors, transport equipment - Screw conveyors - Vertical screw conveyors
Conveyors, transport equipment - Screw conveyors - Coreless screw conveyors
Handling - Loading installations, filling systems - Loading installations for bulk lorries
Particle size reduction - Crushers, mills - De-lumpers
Particle size reduction - Crushers, mills - Pin crushers
Drying, dryers - Dryers - Screw dryers
Drying, dryers - Dryers - Paddle dryers
Cooling/Heating - Coolers, heaters - Screw heaters/coolers
Mixing, blending - Blending silos - Blending silos, with screw
Mixing, blending - Mixers - Screw mixers
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Volumetric feeding - Screw feeders
Components, accessories - Quality control - Sampling, analysis - Sampling of solids
Product handling - Cocoa
Product handling - Biomass

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Screw conveyors 
Coreless screw conveyors 
Conveyors, transport 
Steep angle conveyors 
Screw conveyors 
Screw conveyors 
Bulk truck loaders 
Dosing screws 
Big bag station 
Thermo processing thermal processing, cooling, heating, drying
Screw heat exchanger 


Brand   Description
Van Beek One step ahead
Dinoexternal link 
°Celsiusexternal link 

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Articles Solids Processing Benelux

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Issue 2014-5

Directeur Perry Verberne is Van Beek is aan het uitbouwen

Sterke punten van iedereen samenvoegen en kijken waar we uitkomen Perry Verberne (45) staat sinds begin dit jaar aan het roer bij Van Beek en zusterbedrijf Celsius in Drunen. Hij komt uit een totaal andere branche, de energiemarkt. Na bijna een jaar meedraaien en leiden, weet hij wat hij wil veranderen bij het bedrijf, maar vooral ook wat behouden moet blijven.
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Issue 2008-4


Vroeg uit de veren voor goed bezocht ochtendseminar van Celsius Op 12 en 13 juni organiseerde Celsius een ochtendseminar over drogen en koelen met de passende titel: Hot or Not. Opmerkelijk hieraan was dat het al om zeven uur `s ochtends begon met een gezamenlijk ontbijt. Het interessante programma trok in die twee dagen maar liefst 160 bezoekers die op dat vroege uur al present waren in het bedrijfspand van Van Beek/Celsius.
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Issue 2005-1

Van Beek in Drunen speelt gaat een samenwerking aan met Nara

Celsius Particle Thermal Processing De leverancier van transportschroeven Van Beek richtte onlangs een nieuwe divisie op: Celsius. Dat zal beslist niet zonder reden zijn. Daarom togen wij naar Drunen waar directeur Peter Paul Rutten ons helemaal bijpraatte.

Product news

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Van Beek develops bag compactor

Ideal for cheap and efficient disposal of empty bags Production companies often use raw materials in bags in their processes. If a company does not incorporate the handling of the emptied bags into the process, the empty bags threaten the progress, safety and appearance of the plant. Van Beek has designed the bag compactor so that the empty bags can be handled as cheaply, efficiently and in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. The operation of the bag compactor is as effective as it is efficient. The empty bags fall down a short chute onto a short screw in a pipe. The screw pushes the bags through the pipe. The pressure of the screw compresses the bags by about two thirds. An endless bag is clamped round the end of the pipe, into which the screw pushes the finely compressed bags. Safe The endless bag sits in a protective cage. ”This is to prevent people putting their hands in the screw”, explains Roel Kneepkens, sales engineer at Van Beek. Once the bag is full, the operator opens the protective cage. ”The
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Ardo uses special trough conveyors to retain taste and heat of its fresh red cabbage products

‘We preserve nature’s precious gifts’ has been the slogan adopted by ARDO B.V. for more than forty years. The Zundert-based company is Europe’s largest frozen fruit and vegetable producer. Van Beek has supplied Ardo with a closed system of three trough conveyors, and in doing so has helped ensure that the red cabbage retains its taste, colour and shape while it is processed into a frozen vegetable product. With special facilities – such as CIP lines, flat-body ball valves and bead-blasted finishes – the red cabbage can be hygienically conveyed, while ensuring optimum cleanability of the screw conveyors. Paul Wortel, Manager Investments at Ardo BV in Zundert explains why the company opted for screw conveyors from Van Beek: “The advantage of these trough conveyors is that they have lids, so they form a closed system. This means that moisture and juice is retained, which also helps retain taste and heat. If we used an ordinary conveyor belt, we would lose these important
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Calcium oxide high-temperature cooler for the Middle East

Celsius has designed for and supplied a high-temperature cooler to a chemical factory in the Middle East. This screw heat exchanger has been installed as a cooler at a calcium oxide plant. At the beginning of last month engineer Martijn van den Hil, process engineer at Celsius, paid a five-day visit to the plant in the desert for a SAT (Site Acceptance Test). With its length of 10 metres and width of 2 metres this machine is one of Celsius’ very large models. When one sees this machine installed on site, one hardly notices the dimensions. It is very impressive the way a machine of 16,500 kg has been installed at a height of 40 metres. At this height the cooler is fed by an elevator. It raises the product from the multiple hearth furnace to the cooler, and the screw heat exchanger cools 4000 kg/hour of calcium oxide from 600°C to 90°C. The necessary cooling water is cooled using a cooling tower. As the plant is situated in the desert, and because of the extreme
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Cooling screw for thermal cleaning of tar asphalt

°Celsius has designed and produced a number of screw heat exchangers for the `Van Bentum Recycling Centrale` in Rotterdam to cool tar asphalt (TAG) in a continuous process from 600°C to 50°C. The `Van Bentum Recycling Centrale`, with nine plants in the Netherlands, is market leader in the field of recycling mineral construction and demolition waste and also a supplier of aggregates to the civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering industry. The Dutch authorities want to remove tar asphalt from `the chain` once and for all, so since 2001, the re-use of uncleaned TAG is no longer permissible. All tar asphalt removed during reconstruction must be thermally cleaned. In theory cleaning tar asphalt is simple. TAG consists of sand, gravel and a pollutant binder, namely tar. The tar is removed from the asphalt by heating at a high temperature. The pollutant gases released are also cleaned. This leaves clean sand, gravel and filler. The thermal cleaning
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Cooling rubber waste with liquid nitrogen

screw heat exchanger with cryogenic application Celsius developed a screw heat exchanger with nitrogen cooling for the German company Gotic, which conveys rubber waste, simultaneously cooling it with liquid nitrogen (-196ºC). This screw heat exchanger with cryogenic application will be used for the recycling of rubber tyres. The addition of liquid nitrogen causes the rubber to go below the glass transition temperature and become hard and brittle. This makes it suitable to be grinded in a pin mill into fine powder (cryogenic grinding). This powder is suitable to be re-used in new rubber and synthetic products. Cryogenic grinding is the grinding of hard, thermoplastic material applying cryogenic temperatures. This makes the rubber so brittle it can be grinded very fine without modifying the characteristics of the rubber. The screw heat exchanger conveys the frozen rubber to the grinder over a distance of 2,500 mm with a capacity of 1.6 m³/hour. During the conveyance liquid nitrogen is injected in the product

Product descriptions

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Van Beek dosing screw fills everything perfectly

Extra options mean the screw can be used in any situation For filling packagings, bottles, bags or tubs during the process the Van Beek dosing screw has for decades been a favourite option with manufacturers in the chemical and food industry. Based on the experience acquired in hundreds of factories Van Beek has developed a standard model. This model can be used in virtually any situation thanks to the options that can easily be installed. Volumetric or gravimetric dosing For volumetric weighing the number of revolutions determines the dosing. There are different options for determining how many revolutions the screw must make. Van Beek measures how much product comes out of the screw per revolution and then it is clear how many revolutions are needed to achieve the required quantity. We then adjust the screw for this. For products with good running qualities this is often accurate enough, but for example in the case of sticky products such as flour gravimetric weighing is preferable. A weighing belt then measures the